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Continuing the Work of Jesus.  Peacefully. Simply. Together.
Continuing the Work of Jesus. Peacefully. Simply. Together.



The Moderator-Elect serves as assistant and substitute for the District Moderator, preparing to lead District Conference in the second year of the term. In the first year of the term, the Moderator-Elect serves: 1) as Chair of the Nominating and Personnel Committee, 2) as a member of the Program and Arrangements Committee, 3) as an ex-officio member of the District Board, 4) as an ex-officio member of Executive Committee, and 5) as a member of one of the commissions.

In the second year of the term the Moderator-Elect serves: 1) as Moderator of District Conference, 2) Chair of the Program and Arrangements Committee, 3) member of the Nominating and Personnel Committee, 4) ex-officio member of the Board, and 5) ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. The Moderator trains the incoming Moderator-Elect for service to District Conference.

The commitment is for a two year term. The Moderator-Elect is expected to attend all Nominating and Personnel Committee meetings, Program and Arrangement Committee meetings, District Board meetings, Executive Committee meetings, commission meetings, and District Conferences for the two year term.


The Annual Conference agenda is determined each year by the Standing Committee. Standing Committee is made up of elected representatives from each district of the denomination. Each district is eligible for at least one Standing Committee member, with larger districts being eligible for more than one. Virlina sends three Standing Committee delegates each year. The Standing Committee processes queries from congregations, districts (through District Conference actions to forward queries), and the General Board. Standing Committee serves as the Nominating Committee for the Annual Conference. The Standing Committee also hears appeals related to actions of the districts.

Standing Committee delegates are elected for a three year term. Virlina District Standing Committee members are expected to attend the preliminary Annual Conference meetings each year of their three year term and remain for the duration of the Conference. Rarely Standing Committee may be called together between Conferences. The Standing Committee assumes responsibility to conduct annual conference training sessions (reviewing upcoming business items) for local church delegates at various locations across the District. Virlina Standing Committee members also serve as ex-officio members of the District Board. During the final (third year of a Standing Committee member) term, each Virlina District representative is expected to serve as Chair of the Virlina delegation which means making plans for various district wide Annual Conference delegate training sessions.


The Nominating and Personnel Committee prepares the ballot for each District Conference for election of District Conference officers, members of committees, Standing Committee delegates, District Board members, District Nominating and Personnel Committee members, District Program and Arrangements Committee members, and any other positions to be elected by District Conference. Telephone contact of candidates for various offices by committee members is one of the tasks.

The commitment is for a three year term. The committee meets three or four times annually (January, February or March, and April or May). Committee members are expected to attend all meetings.


This Committee plans and makes arrangements for District Conference each year. Members are responsible for setting the dates of Conference, the meeting place and securing adequate facilities, planning the Conference program, obtaining Conference speakers or session leaders, providing for exhibits, registering delegates, or other arrangements as necessary.

The commitment is for a three year term. The Committee usually meets four or five times annually (January, April, July, September, and October). Committee members are expected to attend all meetings.


The District Board manages and administers the work of the District, including Camp Bethel, as authorized by District Conference. The Board is the legal agent of the District, empowered to act and carry out business during the time between District Conferences except for actions specifically reserved for District Conference as per District Constitution. The Board is made up of thirty elected members. Through an internal re-organization process, usually District Conference, these elected members choose the Board Chair and Vice-Chair, Commission Chairs, and the makeup of each Commission.

The Board is made up of four Commissions: Nurture, Witness, Ministry, and Stewardship, two representatives from the Outdoor Ministries Committee (OMC) and one representative of New Church Development Committee (NCDC). The Outdoor Ministries Committee is chosen by a combination of Board appointment and Conference election. The New Church Development Committee is appointed by the District Board. Each Commission is made up of a chair, vice-chair and secretary and usually four or five other members. An Executive Committee, made up of the Board Chair, Vice-Chair, four Commission Chairs, OMC Chair, NCDC chair, and ex-officio persons, meets in advance of each Board meeting to prepare the agenda.

Nurture Commission handles music and worship, religious education, fellowship, recreation, spiritual growth, health and wholeness. Witness Commission works in all areas of mission and outreach including evangelism, disaster service, and ecumenicity. Ministry Commission oversees all areas relating to the function of pastoral ministry including training, credentials, recruitment, supervision and evaluation. Stewards Commission oversees all financial and property matters for the District, including funds collection and disbursement (through the appointed District Treasurer and Financial Secretary), stewardship education, and capital development. It also holds in trust all local and District properties and assets for the denomination. The Outdoor Ministries Committee is responsible for all issues related to Camp Bethel (program, facilities, staff, funds management, etc.).

Board members are elected for a three year term with eligibility for one succeeding three year term. The Board currently meets four times each year beginning with a Retreat at Camp Bethel in December followed by Saturday meetings in February, May, and September (usually the third Saturday). Commissions meet quarterly in advance of Board meetings. The Executive Committee usually meets quarterly. All Board members are expected to attend their Commission meetings and all Board meetings.


The Outdoor Ministries Committee (OMC) plans and oversees all issues related to ministry through Camp Bethel (program, facilities, staff, funds management, etc.). The Committee reports directly to the District Board. The Committee is made up of thirteen members with four chosen annually (two elected by the District Conference and two elected by the District Board). One member is appointed annually from the District Board to serve on OMC with vote. That person serves on the Nurture Commission. The Committee is organized in three sub-committees: Property and Facilities, Finance, and Program. The OMC chair, vice-chair and secretary plus the three sub-committee chairs and certain other ex-officio persons make up the Executive Committee of the OMC. The Executive Committee serves as the Personnel Committee.

Time commitment is for three years with eligibility for a second three year term. The OMC usually meets four times annually. The Executive Committee meets prior to every OMC meeting and called meetings as needed. The sub-committees usually meet four times per year prior to OMC meetings. The Finance Committee meets with the District Board Stewardship Commission. OMC members are expected to attend all committee and sub-committee meetings. One OMC member (Representative to the District Board) and the OMC chair serve on the District Board with vote. The District Board Representative and OMC chair are expected to attend all District Board meetings. The OMC chair also serves on the Executive Committee of the District Board and is expected to attend all Executive Committee meetings.



The election at District Conference for this office is a nomination to the Bridgewater College Board of Trustees. The Bridgewater College Board, at a regular meeting, decides whether to elect the nomination from the District. So far the college has always elected the districts’s recommendations.

Board of Trustee members are expected to promote the college by stimulating interest in motivating high school students to become Bridgewater students and also promote financial support for the college.

Board of Trustee members serve a five year term with eligibility for one succeeding five year term. The Board meets two times each year, usually the first Friday of April and November. Trustee member should be active and verbally participate in the Trustee Board meetings. Each Board member is assigned to one or more, perhaps as many as three, committees which usually meet on the day before the Trustee Board meeting - morning and afternoon. Some committees meet about twice a year at random times.


Exploring our Spirituality Through Crafting

Saturday, September 30

8:30am - 3:30pm

House of Pillars @ Camp Bethel (Fincastle, VA)

Event Leader: Stephanie Connelly

Register by September 20!

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Hosted by: Virlina District Spiritual Development Retreat Committee

Cost is $26 - this includes lunch and 2 projects.  "Read More" for more information.

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